Woman Marries Five Men … All Brothers

by Nate Wooley | March 19, 2013 12:17 pm

rajo verma[1]A woman in India is married to five men … all brothers.

The family — which lives in a one-room shack outside of Dehadun, India — came together when the oldest brother, Guddu, and the woman, Rajo Verma were a part of an arranged marriage four years ago, reports The Sun[2].

While Guddu is her only official spouse, her village’s customs meant she had to marry his brothers, as well. Over time she’s married Bajju, Sant Ram, Gopal and Dinesh.

Rajo sleeps with each of them in turn — on the blanket-covered floor of their one-room home outside of Dehadun. The six also live with their only child, a son named Jay. Rajo says she doesn’t know which of the five is the boy’s father and doesn’t care.

“My mother was also married to three brothers so when I got wed I knew I had to accept all of them as my husbands. I get a lot more attention than most wives,” Rajo told The Sun.

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