Woman Sues Church Over Banned Headstone

by Nate Wooley | March 12, 2013 9:48 am

nascar grave[1]The widow of a man who loved NASCAR is suing a church because it has prevented her from placing a custom headstone on his grave.

Shannon Carr — whose husband Jason Carr died in an automobile accident in 2009 — filed suit against the Roman Catholic Diocese of Indianapolis Properties Inc. in Indiana, UPI reports[2].

The headstone is said to celebrate Carr’s life. The black granite marker is 9 feet long, shaped like a couch and features a full-color NASCAR logo, an Indianapolis Colts logo, and carvings of a deer and a dog. It all, the gravestone cost the widow $9,000 to have made.

The church thinks the secular nature of the marker makes it inappropriate for the cemetery. The heads of the church notified the monument maker before Carr purchased it that it couldn’t be placed. When Carr went ahead and attempted the installation in 2010, she was informed that it didn’t meet regulations.

Carr says no regulations were presented to her at the time. The church admits to adopting final regulations after the attempted placement but says that just codified longstanding doctrine.

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