$40,000 Lotto Win Turns Out to Be $40 Million!

by Christopher Freeburn | April 10, 2013 11:47 am

canada flag 630[1]When Maria Carreiro checked her lottery ticket, she thought she’d won $40,000[2] in Friday’s Lotto Max drawing in Ontario, Canada.

While that was exciting enough, what happened next was even more exhilarating. Told that the drawing had been for $40 million, a flabbergasted Carreiro rushed back to the store where she’d purchased the ticket to check the amount, the CBC noted.

Returning home a multi-millionaire, the Toronto resident sat down and had a drink of water.

Carreiro’s husband is planning to leave his job. Aside from that, Carreiro said she planned to buy her family a meal at a local restaurant and then go home and take a nap.

She was publicly named as the drawing’s winner on Monday by the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation.

Last month, New Jersey resident Pedro Quezada claimed the $338 million top prize in the U.S. PowerBall lottery[3].

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