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Bras: More Harm Than Help?

French study asserts the undergarments actually do harm


brasAre bras doing women’s breasts any good?

Dr. Jean-Denis Rouillon — a professor at University Hospital of Besancon in France — concluded that bras are harmful to breasts, reports The New York Times.

After a 15-year study, Dr. Rouillon concluded that women who wear bras see that “supporting tissues will not grow and even they will wither and the breast will gradually degrade.” In other words, supporting the breasts inhibits the growth of natural supportive tissue inside them.

The long-term study — which Dr. Rouillon says is still preliminary — measured the breasts of 330 female volunteers aged 18 to 35. The women’s bra-wearing behavior was recorded as well as detailed measurements of their breasts as they changed over time. In the end, Rouillon concluded that there is no medical or anatomical advantage to wearing a bra.

While some have viewed the study with humor or derision, Dr. Rouillon says this is the first-ever scientific study of bra effects on women and should be taken seriously.

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