Homeless Man Wins $50,000 on Scratch-Off Ticket

by Nate Wooley | April 5, 2013 10:05 am

Hand holding hundreds 630[1]A man living in a tent won $50,000 with a scratch-off lottery ticket.

Dennis Mahurin — who lives in a tent and has no fixed address — won the money inside the Circle K convenience store in Bloomington, Ill., ABC News reports[2].

Pastor Greg Davis was in the store when Mahurin won. “I was standing behind him and he asked, well did I win anything? The lady who was working there, her eyes were as big as saucers. She goes you won $50,000. Dennis looked dumbfounded. He didn’t say anything and then he asked, are you sure and she said yes I am sure,” Davis told ABC News.

A spokesman for the Illinois State Lottery said Mahurin was driven to the headquarters in Springfield to register his win. The comptroller of the lottery will mail a check to the address of the mother of a friend of Mahurin since he doesn’t have an address.

Mahurin will collect about $35,000 after taxes are deducted. With the money, he plans to visit his grandchildren who live out of state and buy himself a trailer.

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