Knock-Off Hostess Cup Cakes, Twinkies Coming to Stores Soon

by Christopher Freeburn | April 23, 2013 12:04 pm

pack-twinkie[1]Beware the “Twinkies” soon to hit store shelves. They won’t be the real thing[2].

Sources tell the New York Post that Grupo Bimbo (PINK:GRBMF[3]) is rushing to put a number of cup cakes and a Twinkie-like product on the market, all styled after iconic Hostess products.

A number of other companies acquired the rights to Hostess brands, including Twinkies after Hostess shut down last year, but those products won’t be relaunched until the fall

Grupo Bimbo will reportedly launch between six and eight snack cakes under its Sara Lee brand within the next two months. The company owns the Stroehmann and Entermann’s snack brands.

Hostess Brands collapsed last year after it could not resolve a strike by its bakers union[4].

Last month, Hostess’ snack food brands were acquired[5] by Apollo Global Management (NYSE:APO[6]) for $410 million.

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