Latest Birth Trend: Umbilical Nonseverance

by Nate Wooley | April 12, 2013 9:50 am

Baby[1]Some parents are now refusing to cut their baby’s umbilical cord.

The practice — called both “lotus birth” or “umbilical nonseverance” — is the latest all-natural birthing trend, The New York Post is reporting[2].

Parents who follow the trend keep the cord — and the attached placenta — connected to the baby and wait for it to detach naturally. This can take up to 10 days, depending on the circumstances of the baby and the birth process.

“I first learned of Umbilical Nonseverance from Jeannine Parvati, an expert on prenatal yoga,” says Mary Ceallaigh, midwife and lotus birth advocate. “It allows a complete transfer of placental/cord blood into the baby at a time when the baby needs that nourishment the most.”

Ceallaigh does acknowledge that the placenta can begin to smell after the first day. Separated from the mother, it begins to go bad and attain a musky odor during days two and three.

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