Pot Fans Prepare to Descend on Denver

by Christopher Freeburn | April 15, 2013 11:38 am

marijuana pot cannabis 630[1]Colorado tourism is getting a boost from a surprising source[2]: marijuana.

Events meant to celebrate the state’s recent legalization of marijuana use could bring more than 50,000 pot users to Denver this weekend. After lightning up at the city’s Civic Park Center, fans can attend the Cannabis Cup at the Denver Convention Center, the Associated Press notes.

This weekend’s event are also tied to April 20, a day traditionally tied to celebrating pot use, though no one can recall exactly why.

My 420 Tours, operating out of Denver, has sold 160 package tours starting at $499 to marijuana aficionados looking to visit the state for the celebrations. The tours do not include airfare or actual pot. The commercial sale of marijuana does not become legal in Colorado until January.

Despite recent state victories for marijuana advocates in Colorado and Washington, pot remains illegal under federal law. The U.S. government has not yet decided how it will deal with state moves to legalized the long-banned substance.

Marijuana fans who want to learn more about growing and using pot can head to Henderson, Nev., where the Cannabis Career Institute has launched a school to educate people in pot basics[3].

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