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Rat Research Suggests Presence of Lazy Genes

Couch potatoes can now blame a genetic predisposition


fatratsCan’t peel yourself off that couch? Don’t worry, it may be in your genes!

Scientists at the University of Missouri say that laziness among rodents may have a genetic basis. The researchers isolated the most active and inactive rats in their studies, and bred both groups strictly among themselves. After a few generations, the two groups showed marked differences in motivation toward physical activity, ANI notes.

CVS Compels Employees to Report Health Data
CVS Compels Employees to Report Health Data

Active rats who had been bred from 10 generations of active rats were 10 times more likely to run on treadmills of their own accord, compared to less-active rats with 10 generations of lazier ancestors.

The scientists dubbed their rat creations, “super runners” and “couch potatoes.” They identified 36 genetic differences in the brains of the rat groups in the study. These differences may be linked to the observed variance in motivation between the groups.

While the research involved rats and their apparent zeal for running on treadmills, the scientists say the results could be applicable to humans. People who are genetically prone to laziness could be at greater risk for becoming obese.

Last month, a 33-year old British woman was identified as having exercise-induced angioedema. That is, she is alergic to exercising.

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