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Study: Hands-Free Texting Just as Dangerous as Typing

Driving performance is degraded by any distraction


TextingResearchers at Texas A&M University’s Texas Transportation Institute say that using voice controls to send text messages doesn’t prevent potentially hazardous distracted driving.

Tests with Apple‘s (NASDAQ:AAPL) iPhone and mobile devices running Google‘s (NASDAQ:GOOG) Android OS showed the the performance of drivers declined equally with voice-to-text applications and manual text entry, the Washington Post noted.

Subjects in the tests were asked to drive on a closed course while text-messaging through both voice and manual methods. The researchers measured the amount of time the drivers’ spent watching the road, their devices, and a test light in the car.

The researchers said that anything that distracts a drivers’ attention was likely to degrade their driving performance.

Every day, Americans send 6.1 billion text-messages. Roughly 3,300 people are killed in auto accidents that are linked to distracted driving. 39 states have prohibited the texting on mobile devices while driving.

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