AT&T Offers $100+ for Used Smartphones

by Christopher Freeburn | May 1, 2013 11:15 am

AT&T[1]People looking to upgrade older smartphones[2] can get at least a $100 credit from AT&T (NYSE:T[3]).

The country’s second-largest wireless carrier says that it will provide a promotional card that can be used to purchase AT&T products and services to smartphone users who trade-in their old devices. Higher-end devices and smartphones in excellent condition could receive more than a $100 credit, the Los Angeles Times notes.

In order to qualify, smartphones cannot be more than three years old. They must also have a functioning screen, chargeable battery and turn on and off. In addition to smartphones, some tablets will also be accepted, though for a potentially lower credit.

With many top-line smartphones currently priced at about $200, the deal gives consumers the opportunity to cut the price of a new smartphone by up to half.

Last month, AT&T said it would begin offering digital home security and automation packages[4] in 15 cities across the country.

Shares of AT&T climbed more than 1% in Wednesday trading.

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