Billionaire Hedge Fund Manager Backs Off ‘Mom’ Comments

by Christopher Freeburn | May 29, 2013 10:19 am

Scared/Nervous Baby[1]At a University of Virginia business symposium, billionaire hedge fund manager Paul Tudor Jones aired his opinions on the impact children have on a woman’s career in the industry. Now he probably wishes he had kept those thoughts to himself[2].

Jones said that, in his experience, women who had children immediately lost their focus on the business and that their careers suffered as a result. He noted that traders need a “very specific skillset” that could be upset by emotional events like divorce or childbearing. He added that the distraction created by children meant that there would not be “as may great women investors or traders as men,” Washington Post noted.

While Jones described children as a career killer for women, he also noted that he didn’t think women were less capable than men. Though the symposium was supposed to be private, his comments were leaked and hit the press.

Responding to press inquiries, Jones appeared to back away from his comments, calling his remarks “off the cuff” and indicating that they referred only to a small number of high-level traders. He added that he had encouraged his own three daughters to enter his industry and that women could do “anything to which they set their heart and mind,” including macro trading.

An administrator at the University of Virginia said that some women alumnae and professors had complained about Jones’ remarks.

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