Charles Ramsay Declines Restaurants’ Free Burger Offers

by Christopher Freeburn | May 30, 2013 10:03 am

McDonalds Israel Big New York burger 630[1]The Cleveland, Ohio, man who gained fame for helping decade-long kidnapping victim Amanda Berry escape her captor’s house and call police won’t accept any culinary rewards for his actions[2].

In the wake of media accounts of his actions, a number of restaurants named burgers after Charles Ramsay and offered him free meals for life. A Taiwanese video game also surfaced showing him throwing burgers at the man who abducted and held Berry and two other women. In a statement, Ramsay said he had “nothing to do with this trash” and said he was not seeking publicity for himself, the Cleveland Plain Dealer noted.

Ramsay was reportedly returning from McDonald’s (MCD[3]), carrying a Big Mac, when he saw Berry trying to claw her way out of the house in which she had been imprisoned. McDonald’s  offered him free burgers for life shortly after the event[4].

Ramsay, who has hired a lawyer to protect the rights to his name and likeness, said he had not given permission for other restaurants to use his name for menu items. That included Hodges and Pura Vida, where Ramsay was employed as a dishwasher, which named its 8-ounce Certified Angus Beef burger the “Ramsay Burger.” The restaurant’s owner says the burger has been withdrawn from the menu.

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