Erratic Costco Pizza Server Shot and Killed by Police

by Christopher Freeburn | May 30, 2013 8:52 am

Shoppers at a Sterling, Va., Costco (COST[1]) scattered and fled on Wednesday after gunfire erupted inside the store[2].

The problem started in the afternoon when store workers say that Mhai Scott, an employee of Club Demonstration Services, who was serving pizza samples to customers, began behaving strangely. Costco employees claim that Scott grabbed a knife and began saying “crazy things,” becoming increasingly upset. Alarmed, managers called the police who confronted Scott when they arriCostco[3]ved, the Washington Post noted.

Loudoun County officers say that Scott rushed at them brandishing a knife, at which point they opened fire, killing her.

The sound of gunfire sent scores of shoppers and employees scrambling to get out of the store. Witnesses reported hearing four or five shots and that one of the officers appeared to have been injured.

Scott was 38-years-old. In a statement, police called the incident a “tragic situation” but said that the responding officers had acted appropriately.

In March, a man stormed into a Pittsburgh, Pa., Target (TGT[4]), wielding a knife and seizing a 16-year-old girl[5]. Police used pepper spray to subdue the man, but the girl and two other men were injured during the struggle.

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