First Female CEO in NFL Resigns After 15 Years

by Christopher Freeburn | May 13, 2013 11:00 am

oaklandraiders[1]The first woman to run a National Football League team has stepped down[2].

On Saturday, Amy Trask, who had served as CEO of the Oakland Raiders since 1997, announced that she had left the organization. Trask joined the Raiders in 1987, while the team was own by notoriously-quirky owner Al Davis. Her departure had been expected since Davis’ death in 2011, Bloomberg notes.

Once declared the “most powerful woman in the NFL” by Sports Illustrated, Trask managed the team’s relations with the media, sponsors and the rest of the league.

Davis’ son Mark assumed control of the team after his father’s death and has restructured operations, dismissing many former front office employees.

Trask, who was educated as a lawyer, said she had stayed on to oversee the management transition of the team and had “honored a commitment” she made to Al Davis.

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