Four Things to Know About Fan TV

by Christopher Freeburn | May 31, 2013 9:31 am

The ranks of set-top boxes will soon have yet another player[1].

Fan TV, which is scheduled to launch by the end of this year, promises to deliver an easily navigable interface that allows users to quickly identify and search programming from cable and satellite providers as well as online sources, USA TODAY notes.

Made by TV app-maker Fanhanttan, Fan TV will compete in a market already crowded with set-top streaming devices, including those from Apple (AAPL[2]), Google (GOOG[3]), Sony (SNE[4]), Samsung, Panasonic and enhanced devices from Pay-TV providers like Dish Network (DISH[5]) and (CMCSA[6]).

Here are four things to know about Fan TV:

  1. It will feature a built-in HDMI connection for your TV.
  2. It comes with WiFI connectivity.
  3. It has a remote control shaped like a bar of soap, that uses finger swipes and taps instead of buttons.
  4. It allows users to create a visual wall of apps to view content and control their TVs.

Microsoft (MSFT[7]) recently unveiled its next-generation gaming console, the Xbox One, that will function as a unified entertainment device[8] in addition to playing games.

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