Frontier Airlines to Charge for Drinks, Bin Space

by Nate Wooley | May 2, 2013 10:49 am

FrontierAirlines[1]Frontier Airlines has become the third air carrier to begin charging passengers for carry-ons.

The airline announced the carry-on charge[2] — as well as other charges including drinks — on Wednesday. Though there is a way for passengers to avoid some of the fees. For the carry-on charge, passenger cost is $100 per bag, but if paid in advance the fee drops to $25. Even better, if the passenger booked via the company’s website, the fee is waived.

Elite-level frequent flyer members will be exempt from the fee.

Another perk of booking online is seen in the drink charges and frequent flyer miles. While Frontier will begin charging $1.99 for drinks, those who book online will get them for free. Frequent flyer members — if they don’t book online — will only receive 25% of the miles they would earn otherwise.

Frontier says the moves are intended to push customers to use its online booking service. However, it also said it is responding to customer feedback. In a statement, Frontier CEO David Siegel said the carrier’s top-tier flyers had complained about the crowding seen in the overhead bins.

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