GameStop to End PS2-Related Trade-Ins

by Nate Wooley | May 6, 2013 9:30 am

gamestop sign[1]Video game store GameStop (NYSE:GME[2]) will stop accepting Sony’s (NYSE:SNE[3]) PlayStation 2-related trade-ins starting June 1.

The game retailer — which has more than 6,600 stores around the world — announced the policy with signs placed in its shops, Joystiq reports[4].

The policy comes as the next generation of console game systems are on the brink of being released. The PlayStation 4 has been the subject of Sony events and many Internet rumors for more than a year. While the company will not confirm any specific release date, most analysts think that it will be sometime in 2013.

Also influencing the decision to stop accepting PS2 trade-ins is the fact that Sony has stopped manufacturing PS2 games and hardware. The final products came out in December 2012. Originally released in October 2000, the 12-year run makes the PS2 the longest-available console game system in history.

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