GM Apologizes for TV Spot’s Offensive Song Lyrics

by Nate Wooley | May 2, 2013 9:41 am

General Motors GM[1]Automaker General Motors (NYSE:GM[2]) is in hot water over an ad that contains racial stereotypes.

The ad — for the Chevrolet Trax — features a song with both Japanese and Chinese stereotypes, New York Daily News reports[3].

In the ad, the song “Booty Swing” plays over images of a man traveling through sets depicting different times and locations. However, the song samples a part of another song, “Oriental Swing” by Lil Hardin Armstrong. That song features lines about Chinese woman saying, “ching-chong, chop-suey, swing some more. It also features a line about “geisha girls” and their trouble pronouncing “Americans.”

The ad began running in Canada earlier this month, but GM has already apologized and removed the ad from circulation.

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