Hacker Leaks Draft of ‘Sex and the City’ Author’s New Novel

by Nate Wooley | May 10, 2013 11:12 am

Hacker's lair laptop red background 630[1]The first 50 pages of a new, to-be-published novel by Candace Bushnell — the author of Sex and the City — have been thrown onto the web early.

The pages were stolen when a hacker got into Bushnell’s e-mail, then the hacker uploaded them and sent them out via Bushnell’s Twitter account, BBC News reports[2].

The new book has a working title of Killing Monica and is to be published by Grand Central Publishing. Emails between Bushnell and her publisher were also stolen and circulated.

Bushnell, who pointed out that she had been locked out of her email for a week, said she was surprised she was the target of a hacker’s attack.

“My emails are pretty tame,” Bushnell told reporters.

The hacker responsible goes by the name “Guccifer.” He or she also is responsible for stealing and publishing emails and photos from former President George W. Bush and his family.

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