New Resuscitation Method Revives Dead After 40+ Minutes

by Christopher Freeburn | May 14, 2013 12:35 pm

heart-monitor[1]After he suffered a heart attack last year, Colin Fiedler died. His heart stopped for 40 minutes[2] while paramedics rushed him to The Alfred Hospital in Melbourne, Australia.

But Fiedler is still around to tell the tale because of a new resuscitation technique that is available only at that hospital. Physicians at The Alfred have combined traditional CPR with a heart-lung machine, which keels a patient’s blood circulating during resuscitation efforts. The machine maintains oxygen levels in patients’ brains, extending the amount of time available to bring people back from cardiac arrest, iScienceTimes notes.

So far, The Alfred has used the technique to revive three patients, whose hearts had stopped for as long as 60 minutes, without brain damage.

Facing a second chance at life, Fiedler says he is giving up smoking.

Last week, a team of European scientists announced that they had found the cause[3], and a possible cure, for gray hair.

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