Tesla’s Billionaire CEO Dating Hollywood Starlet

by Christopher Freeburn | May 31, 2013 9:51 am

camerondiaz[1]When Elon Musk isn’t revolutionizing the online payments industry or building electric car companies from the ground up, he’s reportedly busy spending time with a certain Hollywood actress[2].

Sources tell the New York Post that the CEO of Tesla Motors (TSLA[3]) and founder of eBay‘s (EBAY[4]) PayPal has been recently seen in Los Angeles, well away from Tesla’s Palo Alto, Calif., offices. Musk, worth a reported $5.4 billion, has reportedly been visiting Cameron Diaz, who starred in Bad Teacher, Knight and Day and the Charlie’s Angels films, among others.

Musk was previously married to actress Talulah Riley. The pair divorced in 2012, but was recently said to have reconciled. They had been spotted at a Los Angeles event earlier this month.

Sources say that Musk met Diaz when she purchased a Tesla sports car earlier this year.

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