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The Big Business of KFC Chicken Smuggling

Delivery takes hours and the service is pricey


KFCIt’s not your ordinary takeout service. Yamama, a delivery company based in Gaza, promises to bypass Israeli border controls to deliver something Palestinians crave: Yum! Brands (YUM) KFC chicken.

Every day, Yamama couriers negotiate a labyrinthine network of tunnels running under Israeli walls and border check points to reach the Egyptian city of El-Arish, home to a KFC outlet. There they fill about 30 orders a trip before making the return trip to Gaza, the Telegraph notes.

Yum Brands Cleared in China’s Questionable Meat Probe
Yum Brands Cleared in China’s Questionable Meat Probe

Once safely back in Gaza, the service delivers the food, via motorcycle to waiting customers. And customers do wait. Orders can take up to four hours to deliver. They are also willing to pay. A typical order costs Palestinian customers twice the menu price in Egypt. Of course, that includes the cost of smuggling.

Yamama openly advertises the service using its Facebook (FB) page and radio ads.

Smugglers have long been carrying weapons, ammunition and people to and from the Gaza Strip. Since Israel blockaded Gaza almost six years ago, residents find themselves cut off from many former luxuries. KFC fast food is one of them.

Shares of Yum! Brands rose about 1% in Friday morning trading.

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