TweetPee: Huggies App Alerts Parents to Wet Diapers

by Nate Wooley | May 9, 2013 8:57 am

Scared/Nervous Baby[1]No more waiting on smell or touch to let you know when your baby wets its diaper.

A new app can alert you instead.

The new app for Kimberly-Clark’s (NYSE:KMB[2]) Huggies diapers is called Huggies TweetPee, MSN reports[3]. It uses Twitter to alert parents or other caregivers when a baby pees.

The app — which is only available in Brazil so far — uses a sensor mounted inside the diaper to monitor the baby’s urination. When the sensor is tripped, the tweet goes out requesting a change. It can be set to notify multiple recipients if needed.

The sensor is designed to be mounted on special Huggies diapers. The company says it can be easily moved from a soiled diaper to a clean one. The sensor also tracks the number of diapers the baby is going through to allow parents to keep them in stock.

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