Chipotle Wants to Replicate Its Mexican Success With Asian Food

by Adam Benjamin | June 13, 2013 2:04 pm

Have you ever thought, “Chipotle’s serving method is great, but sometimes I just want eastern cuisine instead of a burrito?”

Well, you’re in luck — especially if you live in LA or DC. Chipotle (CMG[1]) opened its first ShopHouse location in the nation’s capital in 2011, and is about to open a second in Los Angeles[2], plus another West Coast location later this year. The restaurant  features the same layout and ordering process as Chipotle locations — customers pick their ingredients, which are prepared in the open — the only difference is what they’re choosing.

There’s no official word yet on just where Chipotle will be expanding this new franchise. But it’s a fair bet that LA and DC residents are already subjects of envy.

CMG is up 71% YTD.

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