Disney, Sony Test On-Demand Streaming of In-Theater Movies

by William White | June 24, 2013 12:35 pm

Disney (DIS[1]) and Sony (SNE[2]), in an effort to combat piracy, are offering on-demand streaming of movies that are still in theaters — in South Korea, that is.

Disney and Sony are using South Korea to test whether this new way of releasing movies makes sense, as the country has the eighth-largest film market in the world[3].

This is the first time major American studios have offered anyone the ability to either buy a ticket or stream the movie to their home, reports the Wall Street Journal[4]. Other Hollywood studios are said to be watching both Sony and Disney while the companies test the format.

“It’s way too early to say if this will be a policy for any [Hollywood] studio or even a norm, but it seems to have potential,” a person close to testing told the Wall Street Journal.

If the new release format catches on, it could spell trouble for movie theaters, which have seen attendance decline by 15%[5] in the last 10 years.

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