ESPN Calls It Quits for Unpopular 3D Channel

by Christopher Freeburn | June 13, 2013 10:45 am

espn sports center 630[1]Disney‘s (DIS[2]) ESPN cable network said on Wednesday that it will shut down its foray into 3D sports broadcasting[3].

3D Push was launched three years ago, part of an effort to bring programming to owners of 3D television sets. The network had hoped that the option to view college football games in 3D would prove a hit with fans, but the audience never materialized, Reuters noted.

ESPN’s decision is another blow to 3D TV. Promoted heavily by flat screen TV makers, the technology has fallen flat with consumers[4], who remained unimpressed with the need to don expensive glasses to watch a tiny amount of available 3D content.

3D Push was available on a variety of subscription TV systems, including Comcast (CMCSA[5]), DirecTV (DTV[6]) and Time Warner Cable (TWC[7]).

While ESPN is shutting down 3D Push, the network is investing in Ultra High Definition programming for its channels and says it would reconsider 3D if consumers show more interest in the technology.

Shares of Disney rose modestly in Thursday morning trading.

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