Leading Fitness & Health Magazine Publisher Shuts Down

by Christopher Freeburn | June 13, 2013 11:25 am

dumbells[1]According to Tosca Reno’s blog, exercise magazine and book publisher Canusa folded on Friday[2].

The company behind Robert Kennedy Publishing, whose hefty list of titles include MuscleMag International, American Curves, Clean Eating, Oxygen and Reps!, shut down after 40 years of operation. Last year, Canusa founder, Robert Kennedy, died after a lengthy battle with cancer, leaving Reno, his wife, a best-selling fitness author, to run the business.

On her blog, Reno notes that increasing financial problems compelled her to “make the decision to restructure the business as a whole in order to allow our brands, Oxygen, Cleaning Eating and The Eat-Clean Diet to possibly find a new home.”

Reno noted that she tried to avoid closing the company out of concern for its employees, but was ultimately forced to shutter the business.

The magazine business has weathered increasingly tough times over the last decade. In March,  (TWX[3]) announced that it plans to spin off its Time Inc. publishing unit[4].

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