Marlboro Maker to Launch Its First E-Cigarette Brand

by Christopher Freeburn | June 11, 2013 10:41 am

cigarette 630[1]Starting in August, Altria Group (MO[2]) will begin selling an electronic cigarette[3].

Altria is the final U.S. tobacco company to launch such a product. Users of electronic cigarettes inhale the vapors of heated liquid nicotine, but avoid the smoke and other chemicals associated with cigarettes. The product will be sold under the MarkTen brand, will be limited to Indiana for now, the Associated Press notes.

The owner of the iconic Marlboro brand has not indicated whether it will produce TV ads for the electronic cigarette. It has also not said whether sales will be extended to other states.

Electronic cigarettes are powered by batteries. MarkTen users can discard their cigarettes when finished, or reuse them by obtaining fresh nicotine cartridges and a battery recharging kit.

The electronic cigarette will retail for about $9.50. It is made in China.

Shares of Altria were flat in Tuesday morning trading.

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