Meet the First-Ever Completely Free Cellphone Service

by Christopher Freeburn | June 5, 2013 11:35 am

freedom1[1]Consumers have been griping about their cellphone bills[2] ever since the devices became popular.

Now, a startup founded in 2011 called FreedomPop is ready to answer those complaints, offering a service with no monthly charges, set to launch this summer. The service includes 200 minutes of voice calls, unlimited texts and — a decidedly scant — 500MB of 4G data, all for free, PC Magazine notes.

Additional voice minutes and data plans will be available for a charge. Unlimited voice calls will cost $9.99 a month. Calls between devices on the FreedomPop network are free. Users can also earn more free minutes and data by referring new subscribers, installing software and filling out surveys. The company has not said what type of smartphones it will offer, except that they will be “popular models.”

FreedomPop will be the first wireless carrier to route all voice calls through Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) on cellular networks.  The new service will compete with wireless plans from AT&T (T[3]), T-Mobile (TMUS[4]) and Verizon‘s (VZ[5]) Verizon Wireless.

The service will use Sprint‘s (S[6]) 3G and 4G data networks.

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