Pandora Moves to Stream Radio to TVs

by Christopher Freeburn | June 5, 2013 11:12 am

Retro TV[1]Internet radio provider Pandora (P[2]) is looking to give its listeners another platform to stream music other than smartphones, tablets and computers[3].

On Wednesday, the company unveiled software that will allow users to stream content to set-top boxes and gaming consoles connected to TVs. The idea is to channel Pandora’s streaming music service into living room entertainment systems, which often feature high quality speakers. Some Internet-connected TVs and set-top boxes like TiVo (TIVO[4]) can already receive Pandora, CNET notes.

Right now, the new service is available for Microsoft‘s (MSFT[5]) Xbox 360 and Sony‘s (SNE[6]) Playstation 3, but is expected to expand to TVs themselves in time.

By adopting the HTML5 platform for its new service, Pandora will be able to stream on a variety of televisions and devices from different manufacturers without having to adapt its service to differing manufacturer requirements.

Pandora is facing increased competition in the Internet radio business, including the looming shadow of Apple (AAPL[7]), which is expected to launch its own service[8] as soon as it can hammer out licensing deals with the major record labels.

Shares of Pandora rose fractionally in Wednesday morning trading.

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