Post-Retirement Jobs You Might Love

by Marc Bastow | June 4, 2013 9:39 am

The follow-up question I get most often after “When should I retire?” is “And what should I do?”

The key options for “what’s next” including keeping active, fulfilling a dream, turning a “hobby” into a money-maker, or just doing something to earn some extra cash.

Deciding exactly what floats your boat against any of these criteria is up to you, though I enjoyed these interesting job suggestions[1] by MoneyTalkNews’ Craig Donofrio. Donofrio came up with 12 “nontraditional” jobs for retirees (and a few helpful websites to look through for more information), including treasure hunting, tutoring and translation services.

If you ask me, these are not a bad way to get started, though I’ve also accumulated some more from my conversations over the past year, including:

Especially if you don’t need the money, you can focus more on enjoying what you do and being with people you enjoy. You’d be surprised what jobs are out there.

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  1. these interesting job suggestions:

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