Southwest Kicks 100 Teenagers Off Flight

by Christopher Freeburn | June 5, 2013 9:51 am

southwest new interior 2012 630[1]A trip to Atlanta didn’t go as planned[2] for 100 high school students and their chaperones.

On Monday, the entire group was ordered off a Southwest Airlines‘ (LUV[3]) Air Tran plane that was waiting to take off from a New York City airport. According to Southwest, the student group from a Brooklyn Orthodox Jewish school refused to obey crew instructions to sit down and turn off their cell phones as the plane readied for takeoff. Due to their behavior, the flight was delayed 45 minutes, CNN noted.

Representatives for the school disputed the account. They said that some of the students might have required more than one warning to cooperate, but that there was no reason to toss the group off the flight.

One of the chaperone’s said the matter was blown out of proportion and that the flight attendants were “nasty” to the group. At least one student wondered if their religion had anything to do with the flight attendants’ response.

However, a passenger on the flight told CNN that about 10 of the students ignored repeated instructions to sit down, including a warning from the pilot.

The students ultimately boarded other flights. The school says it is investigating the incident.

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