Tesla Owners Get Special Service on Recall

by Christopher Freeburn | June 19, 2013 10:01 am

Tesla Motors Model S 630[1]Tesla Motors (TSLA[2]) is asking owners of some of its Model S electric cars to return them to the company[3] so that a component can be reinforced.

The limited recall, affecting Model S cars made between May 10, 2013 and June 8, 2013, was prompted by an internal review that identified a potential weakness in a mounting bracket for one of the second row seat latches. In a statement on its website, Tesla said that it had decided to recall the vehicles out of an abundance of caution and had not been asked to do so by any regulatory agency.

Tesla is notifying owners of vehicles involved in the recall and will arrange the pickup and return of vehicles. Owners are not required to bring their vehicles to the company on their own. The company will provide loaner cars for Model S owners, but indicated that their cars would be returned “a few hours” after they were picked up.

The company says it hasn’t received any reports of bracket failures or injuries linked to such failures. Cars included in the recall were delivered to owners in mid-to-late May and early June.

Shares of Tesla climbed more than 1% in Wednesday morning trading.

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