Wimbledon Bans Federer’s Nike Footwear

by William White | June 27, 2013 3:40 pm

Nike (NKE[1]) is looking good after a pair of its shoes were banned from Wimbledon on Wednesday.

Roger Federer wore the orange-sole shoes — a special version of Nike’s Zoom Vapor made for Federer — during his first match[2], but was asked by officials to change them before the next round.

Nike took advantage of the publicity by creating an image labeling the shoes as a “One Match Wonder”[3] and uploading it to Twitter.

The reasoning behind this change in attire is that Wimbledon has an all-white dress code for tennis players, and the orange soles of Federer’s shoes violated that dress code.

The Zoom Vapors started selling on Monday in limited quantities and have sold out, ESPN[4] reports.



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