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by Alyssa Oursler | July 30, 2013 12:15 pm

Top Shelf showcases luxury vacations, goods, restaurants and more that you can indulge in after your investing pays off.

TopShelf (3)[1]If you save money and invest smartly for years and years, the last thing you should want is a humble abode.

Instead, you should ditch your suburban house or run-of-the-mill downtown apartment and go straight to the top — literally. Penthouses — you know, the luxurious top-floor apartments born in the Roaring Twenties — are a textbook example of living in the lap of luxury.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at a few high-priced penthouses in different locales, all currently for sale. These not-so-humble abodes are definitely dwellings worth the years of investment.

Florida: Mansions at Acqualina Condo

It might seem cliche to say you’ll move down to Florida when you’re living the good life, but the location is popular for a reason. You can get lovely weather, gorgeous views and, of course, a penthouse at the Mansions at Acqualina Condo. (If you’re anything like me, the name alone is enough to put it on my wish-list.)

The current two-story, six-bedroom, eight-bathroom unit for sale will cost you $55 million, but you’ll get plenty of sleek space for that pricetag — a total of 15,500 square feet, around a third of which is a sweeping terrace.

Inside, you’ll own amazing features[2] from a wine room to a billiards room to two fireplaces. Oh, and did I mention its a waterfront property, situated right along Florida’s eastern coast?

What more could you want?

New York: The Pierre

Of course, relaxing on a beach isn’t for everyone. Instead, if you dream of settling down in Manhattan to enjoy its hustle and bustle, and of course its high-end shopping destinations[3], there’s no better place to call your home than The Pierre. Penthouses.com[4] calls The Pierre “Manhattan’s most luxurious new high-rise,” while the three-part penthouse is sixty stories high and encased in glass.

Drooling yet? Well, wait until you hear about some amenities. The 7,500-square-foot penthouses each boast a separate butler residence, a wrap-around terrace, a custom fire place and six bathrooms.

Of course, that’s why it will cost you a heft $45 million to make this dreamhouse your home.

District of Columbia: Parc Somerset

If $45-$55 million seems like too much to even dream about, we’ll move down a bit on the luxury spectrum. For just under $9 million, you can snatch up a gorgeous penthouse right here in Chevy Chase, Md. — in the same county as the lovely InvestorPlace offices — at the Parc Somerset.

The Wisconsin Ave. dwelling is “extremely rare,” according to [5]Life At the Top[6]. It has more than 9,000 square feet of living space, including four bedrooms, four full baths and two half baths, a private marble foyer, two elevators to the entrance and a conservatory with multiple entry points.

My favorite part: It boasts gorgeous views of Bethesda, Md. and Virginia. I’m also partial to the underground entryway[7] that connects the building to its clubhouse and sports complex.

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