3 Reveals About Microsoft’s Rumored Smartwatch

by Christopher Freeburn | July 16, 2013 10:08 am

Microsoft sign 630[1]The smartwatch market could become very crowded next year[2].

A number of tech companies, including Apple (AAPL[3]), Google (GOOG[4]), Samsung and Microsoft (MSFT[5]) are reportedly working on digital wristwatches that will link to other mobile devices and access wireless data services. Sources tell AmongTech that Microsoft has begun testing its smartwatch prototype. An earlier version of the watch had been developed by its Xbox unit, but the project now has its own development team.

What can we expect from Microsoft’s smartwatch? Here are three features the software giant’s wristwatch prototype is rumored to include:

  1. A 1.5-inch display
  2. Red, blue, yellow, black, white and grey removable wrist bands
  3. A “transparent aluminum” casing made from Oxynitride Aluminum, which is said to be several times harder than glass

Microsoft is hoping to launch its smartwatch in early 2014.

Recently, rumors circulated that Apple has begun a hiring spree linked to its own smartwatch project[6], possibly after encountering a technical problem that it could not resolve in-house. Apple’s smartwatch is not expected to hit stores until late next year.

Shares of Microsoft was flat in Tuesday morning trading.

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