5 Foods Diabetics Should NEVER Eat

For those with Type 2 diabetes, watching your diet becomes more than just a focus on health and wellness — it’s a matter of life or death. Foods packed with (often hidden) high levels of starches or sugars can eventually lead to sickness, a trip to the hospital, and if unchecked, potential death.

Processed foods are the lurking enemy — namely sugar and unprocessed starches (such as white flour), which cause rapid spikes in insulin. When broken down by the digestive system, carbohydrates turn into glucose, the simplest form of sugar. So simple carbohydrates, which can quickly turn into sugar, are just as dangerous as foods with high sugar content.

The fallout will cause havoc on your body.

In fact, though diabetics need to keep the following foods out of their cupboards and fridges, those who are health-conscious should pay heed: These are foods that aren’t doing anybody any favors.

The following are the Top 5 foods diabetics need to stay away from.

5. White Bread

For diabetics, white bread’s refined starches act much like sugar does in the body during digestion, which can create a rise in blood sugar. A dietician may recommend whole-grain bread substitutes, but even these can lead to the same issue (though at a smaller level). So if you chose this route, remember to limit intake and always pay attention to the amount you’re consuming.

4. Energy Bars

If you’re careful with labels and only select bars made with whole grains, nuts, and low amounts of natural sweeteners, you might be in the clear. Still, there’s a risk. A scan of energy bars on grocery store shelves show that sugar content can often exceed that of candy bars. Plus, you’ll have to avoid those made with refined flours — something many bars include. Remember, energy bars provide energy in one dangerous way to diabetics: with loads of sugar.

3. White Rice

You may have heard that white rice really offers no nutritional value. It doesn’t, but it does one thing really well: It raises blood glucose significantly. White rice is often consumed not just in bite-sized sushi rolls, but along with all sorts of meals — which makes it a danger to diabetics. Instead, add brown rice to your wok for a healthier, less troublesome entrée.

2. Pasta

Or, more aptly, white pasta. Made from refined white flour, this pasta — be it in spaghetti or lasagna — will bump up blood sugar levels. A bigger concern? The amount of pasta you consume. Because most pasta-lovers are not exactly known for their restraint, this food will lead to heavy problems.

1. Fruit Juice.

But it’s fruit! Well, yes and no. Fruit juices are notorious for high levels of sugar — the type of sugar that is pretty much the worst … high-fructose corn syrup. This product not only contributes to obesity in young children (whose parents have long considered the drink a healthy alternative to sodas), but in diabetics it causes blood sugar to spike to extreme levels. Even with 100% juice drinks, the concentration is still something that diabetics should avoid. Instead, try actual fruit — a fiber-rich alternative that won’t leave you on the edge of disaster.

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