5 Stocks to Ride America’s Energy Boom

by Traders Reserve | July 7, 2013 8:00 am

The U.S. is on the verge of something no one thought could happen – it will reclaim the title of world’s largest oil producer, probably in about five years or less, due, in part, to new technologies and practices enabling drillers to go into ever deeper waters, ever colder climates and into shale formations with the process known as fracking.

According to the International Energy Agency, it will be seven years; Leonardo Maugeri of Harvard University believes it will be sooner, in 2017. And peak production will surpass the previous peak back in 1970, when gasoline was 29 cents a gallon.

Right now, companies serving the next generation of oil and gas production – shale oil and gas, deep water oil and gas, harsh environment oil and gas – are the most visible opportunities inside the American energy renaissance. Don’t try to discover who has the best oil fields; instead, play the boom in the sector, avoid dry wells.

Here are five key stocks that are poised to benefit from the U.S. energy revolution:


Transocean (RIG[1]) is the world leader in building and servicing deep water drilling rigs – and Brazil, Mexico, Russia – countries looking to expand production – need RIG. Transocean builds and leases rigs and its day rates combined with current construction of new platforms show a promising future, short term and long term. The stock has dipped, creating an opportunity. And the stock has been a bit volatile in past months due to efforts by Carl Icahn to get a special dividend out of the company. The trading smoke obscures the technology leader in deep water and harsh environments.

Oil States International

If you read even a short profile of this Oil States (OIS[2]) you quickly understand it has a wide variety of products and services aligned to take advantage of the drilling boom, from rental accommodations for oil field and rig workers to the repair of wells. The company typically leases out equipment, meaning surging demand enables it to charge more; the ladies and gentlemen running the oil business pay top dollar for what they need when they need it. This company is a favorite long-side play of prominent short-seller David Einhorn.


Three giants dominate the oilfield services arena: Schlumberger (SLB[3]), Haliburton (HAL[4]) and Baker Hughes (BHI[5]). I like SLB due to technology leadership and a larger presence in some big markets such as central Asia. SLB does not have the capability to add to its top line as fast as smaller companies but it has been a consistent success story for several decades and is an anchor in any portfolio that aims to profit from the oil boom.

Martin Midstream Partners

When you drill for oil you often get natural gas and when you drill for or otherwise extract natural gas you get liquids (NGL) and other matter that needs to be cleaned out of the gas. Natural gas also needs to be stored and shipped here and there. Martin Midstream (MMLP[6]) does all of this. The company’s facilities are in the Gulf, business is great, the yield is 7.2%. What’s not to like? Capacity in the Gulf is tight and will be for a while, boosting margins, profits and probably the dividend, too.

Core Laboratories

Core Laboratories (CLB[7]) specializes in helping drillers get the most out of their fields – they call it “reservoir description, production enhancement, and reservoir management.” You and I would call it “getting the most out of your fields.” These are highly specialized services that are hard to duplicate by potential competitors. Core Labs has a leadership position in the deep water drilling marketplace. The stock has moved up a great deal with the boom but has plenty of room to run. We are at the beginning of a deep water boom and Core Labs is positioned to benefit.

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