7 Injured After Cedar Point Log Flume Malfunctions

by Christopher Freeburn | July 22, 2013 10:51 am

Theme Park_185[1]An accident at Cedar Fair‘s (FUN[2]) Cedar Point amusement park left one popular ride closed over the weekend[3].

On Friday, a log flume boat, part of the park’s Shoot the Rapids water attraction, overturned after rolling backward down a decline. Seven riders were sent into the water as the boat capsized. Fortunately, none of the riders reported serious injuries, the International Business Times noted.

Park officials said that visitor safety is a paramount concern and that the incident had been reported to state regulators.

The ride will remain shuttered while investigators attempt to determine why the boat flipped over. One rider was transported to a local hospital, while the others accepted medical treatment at the park. Other guests helped pull trapped riders out of the overturned boat.

Shares of Cedar Fair fell modestly in Monday morning trading.

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