Bad Weather Takes Fizz Out of Coke Sales

by William White | July 17, 2013 9:50 am

Coca-Cola (KO[1]) is seeing slow soda sales for its second-quarter.

The soda giant on Tuesday[2] said that its low and struggling sales in its second quarter were due to bad weather. The company cites cold, wet conditions in the United States and severe flooding in Europe for the weak sales.

Coca-Cola is also facing declining sales in America due to claims that sugary drinks cause obesity. The company is looking to create a drink that uses natural, low-calorie sweeteners, but can’t solve the issue of the bad aftertaste such sweeteners leave, reports the Associated Press.

Coca-Cola earned $2.68 billion during its second-quarter, which is down 4% from $2.79 billion this time last year, reports The Associated Press.

Rival soda maker PepsiCo (PEP[3]) plans to release its second-quarter earnings on July 24[4].

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