‘Biggest Loser’ Star Sued Over Weight Gain

by Christopher Freeburn | July 9, 2013 10:36 am

weight loss scale diet[1]Most physicians say that gaining weight is harmful to your health. But for Tara Costa, it could end up being costly as well[2].

In 2009, Costa appeared on NBC’s weight loss contest, The Biggest Loser. After shedding 155 pounds during the show, she finished in third place among other contestants. Two years later she was hired to appear as a spokesperson for FC Online Marketing, which runs ilovekickboxing.com, Newsday notes.

Since then, Costa has gained back about 45 pounds in violation of her spokesperson contract, according to FC Online Marketing executives. They also allege that she improperly agreed to make appearances for AnyTime Fitness while still under contract with FC Online Marketing.

The company is now suing Costa in New York for breach of contract.

An attorney for Costa denies that she gained weight and says FC Online Marketing failed to present her with appearance opportunities.

Costa is suing FC Online Marketing, claiming that it breached her contract by failing to pay appearance fees and improperly using her name and image in its advertising.

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