Boeing 787 Makes Unscheduled Landing Over Fuel Pump Issue

by William White | July 19, 2013 9:41 am

Boeing 787 India Air[1]Boeing (BA[2]) can’t seem to catch a break with its 787 Dreamliners.

A Boeing 787 had to make an unscheduled landing[3] on Thursday after  a maintenance indicator alerted the pilot of a possible fuel pump problem. The flight returned to Boston’s Logan Airport shortly after it had taken off for a 14 hour flight to Japan.

“An emergency was not declared on the flight,” Matthew Brelis, spokesman for the Massachusetts Port Authority, told the Los Angeles Times[4]. “It landed safely at Logan.”

The Boeing 787 Dreamliners have been plagued with issues since its launch.

The first flight made by a Boeing 787 Dreamliner was in November.

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