Clorox Releases Liquid-Plumr Sexual Ad

by Karl Utermohlen | July 29, 2013 12:54 pm

Clorox (CLX[1]) just came out with an erotic ad for Liquid-Plumr, a product that cleans out your clogs and satisfies you in less than ten minutes.

Adweek reports[2] that Clorox’s new ad fulfills a housewife’s fantasy of a muscular plumber coming into her house and unclogging her drains to leave “her satisfied in only seven minutes, baby.” If the innuendo wasn’t apparent by then, the ad ends with the plumber holding a long pipe while smiling at the housewife.

Clorox is no stranger to using sex as a selling point. Back in February, the company released an ad for their Double Impact product where two hunky plumbers arrive at a housewife’s house to “snake her drain” and “flush her pipe”.

Despite the ad’s double-entendres, Clorox stands by Liquid-Plumr’s quality and claims that its new ad still manages to demonstrate how its product can clean out clogged drains.

It’s worth noting that Clorox isn’t the only major company to include sex as part of their marketing strategy. Just ask Kraft (KRFT[3]) and its zesty salad dressing[4].

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