Ford Develops First-of-its-Kind System for Police

by William White | July 19, 2013 3:05 pm

Ford logo[1]Ford (F[2]) is developing new technology to keep police officers safer.

The new technology is a surveillance system[3] that detects when someone is approaching a vehicle from behind, rolls up the windows and locks the doors. The system is meant for use in cop cars and was partially developed by Auburn, Calif.-based InterMotive.

“It’s like insurance. You hope you never need it. But if you do, it gives the officer a few extra seconds of warning,” Marc Ellison, InterMotive vice president of operations, told the Associate Press.

The system is being called “Surveillance Mode”, and will send an image of behind the car onto the rear-view mirror. The system can work without a rear-facing camera and will instead run off of four sensors on the car’s bumper. Officers can turn the system off if they are in an area heavily trafficked by pedestrians, reports the Associate Press.

The Associated Press reports that Surveillance Mode sells for $248.33 by itself, and $75 when part of a package. InterMotive hopes to have the system available for customers in the near future.

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