Google Brings Back Voice Calling in New Way

by Christopher Freeburn | July 10, 2013 10:30 am

google sign close up 630[1]Google (GOOG[2]) has relaunched a popular Gmail feature[3].

The Internet search giant ditched voice calling from its popular email service earlier this year. Voice calling is making a comeback, however, though Google’s new Hangouts feature, TechCrunch notes.

In addition to making voice calls through Gmail, users will be able to place calls while using its Chrome browser and while viewing its Google+ social network.

Hangouts received the ability to receive incoming phone calls back in May. The company indicated that the ability to make outgoing calls will reach most users within a week.

Social media rival Facebook (FB[4]) offers its own VoIP calling feature through its messaging platform.

In May, Google unveiled a major overhaul of Google+, making more than 40 significant tweaks to the platform’s interface[5] in a bid to better compete with Facebook.

Shares of Google rose fractionally in Wednesday morning trading.

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