‘Goth Barbies’ Become Second Best-Selling Dolls in the World

by William White | July 18, 2013 10:16 am

Mattel MAT[1]Mattel’s (MAT[2]) Monster High dolls, also called “Goth Barbies”, have become the second best-selling dolls [3]on in the world, and are only being beaten by Barbie.

The dolls are the offspring of classic monsters like Dracula and Frankenstein.

When Monster High launched back in 2010 no one expected the brand to take off like it did.

“Honestly, it was very surprising to us,” Kiyomi Haverly, vice president of design at Mattel, told Oregon Public Broadcasting. ” We just noticed girls were into darker goth fashion.”

Mattel claims that Monster High dolls are designed to teach girls to “celebrate your own freaky flaws,”[4] but not everyone agrees on that.

“In reality, the brand doesn’t really encourage individuality at all,” Callie Beusman, a Jezeble writer, told Newsmax. “A quick look at the Monster High website makes it pretty clear that the brand’s message is: ‘Okay, girls, let your freak flag fly! You’re free to be you no matter what! As long as ‘you’ is a fashion-loving, boy-chasing, very thin teenager with the facial features of a cast member from ‘Pretty Little Liars.’

With Barbie sales down 12% last quarter[5] and Monster High sales increasing, it might not be long before there is a new “Queen” of the doll market.

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