Iconic Cowboys Stadium Undergoes Controversial Name Change

by William White | July 26, 2013 1:38 pm

AT&T (T[1]), announced Thursday[2], that it has completed a naming deal with Dallas Cowboys owner, Jerry Jones.

With the deal completed the Cowboys Stadium is no more, it has now been renamed the AT&T Stadium. AT&T said that part of the reason it wanted to saddle up with the Cowboys is because Dallas, Texas is the company’s hometown. AT&T also states that the deal will be used to expand the Wi-Fi available in the stadium.

Some fans aren’t happy[3] about the change, including Clarence Hill, Cowboys’ beat writer for The Fort Worth Star-Telegram, who took to Twitter with his complaints.

“I would have been okay with AT&T Cowboys Stadium. But taking Cowboys out the name entirely..Jerry sold out for the cash.”

Other fans took to the Dallas Cowboys’ Facebook page[4] to voice their complaints.

“It will always be COWBOY STADIUM to me!! Never will I call it anything else, I don’t care what that man Jones says!!!!” and “I hate that name….It should stay Cowboys Stadium… Leave it Alone Jerry Jones!!!!!” are a couple of the more toned down comments.

One fan couldn’t care less[5] about the name switch.

“Can the Cowboys focus on winning football games PLEAAAAAASE??? #ATTstadium #whocares”

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