It’s Here! Facebook’s Graph Search Launches Today

by Christopher Freeburn | July 8, 2013 11:35 am

facebook screen 630[1]On Monday, Facebook (FB[2]) added a new search feature designed to make it easier for users to find each other on the website[3].

The newly-introduced Graph Search permits users to comb through all information posted on the social media platform, including photos, pages, likes and location information. That could prove problematic for users who had not set privacy restrictions on all the content they post on the social media giant, the Washington Post notes.

Facebook is providing users with a warning to review the privacy settings on their accounts. Users can limit who gets to see the materials they post and what can be accessed through the Graph Search.

Last week, Facebook announced that it would remove advertising from pages found to contain violent or sexually explicit content[4] after a women’s advocacy group complained.

Shares of Facebook rose almost 2% in Monday morning trading.

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