John Mayer Makes Random Teenager’s Day With Pricey Gift

by Ryan Hauck | July 12, 2013 12:55 pm

In a random act of kindness, singer-songwriter John Mayer purchased a guitar for a teenage fan as he and his current girlfriend, singer Katy Perry, shopped around New York’s SoHo district.

Julie Fermin, 16, told Us Weekly[1] that she recognized the famous pair as soon as they stepped into the music shop that she and her friends were perusing, and was overwhelmed with excitement when Mayer and Perry agreed to take a photo with the group.

After a conversation about music and guitar, an instrument that Fermin started playing at the age of 11, Mayer asked the teen which instrument in the shop caught her fancy. Fermin led the singer over to a Gibson-manufactured Epiphone EL-00 Pro[2], an acoustic-electric guitar with a market value of $300.

As Mayer checked out the guitar’s price tag, Fermin sighed that she couldn’t afford it.

“Oh, stop it!” was the star’s reply, according to Fermin.

After bidding their fans farewell, Mayer and Perry left the shop, at which point a store employee approached Fermin and her friends.

“You should get more excited,” the already thrilled teen says he told her, “because John Mayer just bought you that guitar!”

Fermin later tweeted pictures of her, her friends, and the two musicians, as well as pictures of her and her new guitar and the store receipt listing Mayer as the customer.

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